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"It's a Lot Like Manhattan Now"


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"I feel like I'm trapped" - Adelaida Perez


For Adelaida Peréz, Los Sures, Williamsburg, has been home for more than half a century. In this, she is not alone. South Williamsburg has been home to many New York migrants since the early 1900’s, though, in recent years that long-standing custom has upended.  As a city that is constantly transforming – metamorphosing, even – New York is no stranger to the effects and manifestations of gentrification. Gentrification, as initially coined by British sociologist Ruth Glass in 1964,[1] is characterized by the “economic dimensions of neighborhood changes,” which “goes on rapidly until all or most of the original working- class occupiers are displaced and the whole social character of the district is changed.”

[1] Mirabal, Nancy R. "Geographies of Displacement: Latina/os, Oral History, and The Politics of Gentrification in San Francisco's Mission District." University of California Press 31, no. 2 (2009). Accessed April 15, 2016.

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