Remembering Los Sures

If there is one thing that Jasmine Martinez sought to emphasize in the telling the story of her and thousands of other Puerto Ricans, it was that South Willamsburg has always been a great area to live. The new coffee shops, grocery stores, and restaurants, she believes, are all great editions to the area, but they're not what made Los Sures into Los Sures. On the contrary, it always was and will always be the people of the neighborhood that have made it into what it is today. Just like each person that grew up in Los Sures has a story, the neighorhood has a story of its own - one that is told by the waves of immigrants from Puerto Rico and beyond that risked everything in hope of making a future for themselves and for their family. In the process, they turned one of the most neglected areas in New York into one of the most desirable. To each person that visits the rapidly changing neighborhood she will always know to be home, Jasmine hopes that they'll take the time to remember and recognize the community that was so influential in making Los Sures. 


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Remembering Los Sures